Lauri Poldre

What if there was another way?

Not too long ago, that was something I was pondering to myself. After working for 14 years at several high tech companies and helping clients such as Microsoft, NASA, Cisco, Stratasys, Oracle and General Electric, I surprisingly found myself in a deep depression. Despite my successes, I felt empty. And though I loved the industry, I knew I had to make a change because continuing this way could not be sustainable or healthy.

I decided to find a natural, easy and simple way to transform the confusion, depression and excessive thinking that I was feeling. My search led me to investigate and explore sound therapy, meditation, and consciousness-hacking. Then, one day, I discovered the crystal sound bowls. After experiencing how the sharp, clean, and pure tones of the crystal sound bowls radically shifted my state of being, I knew I had to learn to play them. 

So, I quit my job and have spent the past two years completely dedicated to mastering the therapeutic possibilities these bowls could have on others. Over those two years, I performed and shared the crystal sound bowls at various events and venues all around the world. Then, I decided it was time to take my experience to the next level and to share it with where it all started: the tech world.

These days, I am empowering tech professionals, like you, to discover what I did: that there is another way. You can be ambitious and make an impact in the world without the stress. Through the powerful, penetrative and therapeutic sounds of the crystal bowls, I help tech professionals have a breakthrough where they feel more joy, more creative, and more alive. 

inspirational sound

Stress, frustration, and exhaustion don't have to be your normal. Let me show you how.

There are several ways of how I can help you reset and shift into a fresh state of being, with the help of the crystal bowl sounds. I've created these packages based on experience and extensive feedback on what works best for clients. Listening to the sounds live is always the most efficient method. It's when people come together to receive and experience these sound immersions that something magical happens. People always look happy and content afterward. Nothing makes me happier than seeing your eyes shine again. To see them full of passion and inspiration, and feeling gratitude and appreciation. And don't worry, I come from the tech world and have the knowledge and insight on how to best support you. I've been there myself and have gone through incredibly intense depression and anxiety, and have made it out on the other side. My calling is to inspire you. That's what I'm here for! Let me share with you what I've learned. Look at the options below and decide which one is the best choice for you. 



This option is a 60-minute practical workshop for your team at the corporate office or a venue picked by you. This workshop will include an intro talk that discusses the therapeutic benefits of crystal sound technology and a hands-on live crystal bowl sound demonstration.



Experience a 60 minute artistic sound concert with the crystal sound bowls for your conference, festival or retreat. It is an unforgettable experience with lots of crystal bowls, harmonious sounds, and overtones. 




Join me annually at my retreat where 20 people are invited to deep dive with me over several days while being exposed to the therapeutic sounds and teachings of the crystal bowls. Your life will not be the same after this!

My sound session with Lauri allowed me to ground myself during a difficult time in my life- it was like having 10 meditation sessions in one evening.
— Neeraj S.