My Story

What if there was another way?

Not too long ago, that was something I was pondering to myself. After working for 15 years at several high-tech companies and helping clients such as Microsoft, NASA, Autodesk, Cisco, Oracle, General Electric and others I surprisingly found myself in a deep depression. Despite my successes, I felt empty and if something was missing. And though I loved the industry, I knew I had to make a radical change because continuing this way could not be sustainable nor healthy.

I decided to find a natural, easy and simple way to transform the confusion, depression, anxiety and excessive thinking that I was feeling. My search led me to investigate and explore sound therapy, meditation, mindfulness and consciousness-hacking. Then, one day, I discovered crystal singing bowls. After experiencing how the sharp, clean, and pure tones of the bowls effortlessly shifted my state of being, I knew I had to learn to play them.

So, I quit my corporate job and have spent the past four years completely dedicated to mastering the therapeutic possibilities these magical instruments could have on others. Over the time, I was invited to perform and share my learnings at various events all around the world. Then, I decided it was time to take my experience to the next level and to share it with where it all started: the tech world.

These days, I am supporting professionals, to discover what I did: that there is another way. You can be ambitious, creative and make an impact in the world without the stress, anxiety or depression. Through the powerful, therapeutic, transformative and tranquil sounds, I help people have a radical breakthrough where they experience clarity, freedom, creativity, fulfillment and passion. 

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Work With Me

Effortlessly heal, transform and shift your mind, body and spirit — if you've never experienced crystal sound bowls, you are in for a treat! A live performance ensures that your are immersed in the warm embrace of healing tones — as a certain magic starts to unfold.

Crystal sound baths are scientifically proven to create balance — in every cell, level and dimension of your being.
The brainwave states induced by the vibrations from these instruments (known as Alpha and Theta brainwave states) are long-known to be optimal for repair, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the "shine" return to participants' eyes after a crystal sound bath.

Lauri Poldre Conference


Schedule a 60-minute practical workshop for your team at your corporate office or venue of choice! Workshops include a brief introduction into the therapeutic benefits of crystal sound technology, followed by a live crystal sound bath/ hands-on demonstration.

Lauri Poldre Sound Art


Book a 60-minute artistic crystal bowl sound concert at your conference, festival or retreat. Treat your attendees to an unforgettable experience — a meditative journey of soothing tones and harmonies that nurture and enlighten body, mind and soul.

Lauri Poldre Yoga Retreat


Join me at one of my annual retreats — where up to 20 participants are invited to take a deep dive into the therapeutic sounds and ancient wisdom of the crystal bowls. Balance and harmonize your mind and body.  Your life will not be the same after this!

Lauri Poldre Sound Healing

Listen to the recordings

Powerful, therapeutic, soothing and tranquil sound meditations to stop thoughts, release emotions, purify your awareness and regain clarity.


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