Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience, a meditative journey of soothing tones & harmonies that nurture and enlighten body, mind and soul.

Your event attendees will enjoy a unique & mesmerizing experience that goes beyond a musical performance — into a realm where vibrational symphonies of uplifting harmonies soothe and empower your being.

Crystal bowl sound sessions balance, expand and purify the energy body — setting the perfect tone for an optimal experience of your event in totality.



Get to know crystal singing bowls - Refine your skills - Deepen your practice

Would you like to learn more about these magical instruments? If yes then I would be happy to assist you and share all my knowledge I have learned during the past 5 years, after being mentored by 3 bowl masters and played at hundreds of sessions, workshops, retreats, festivals around the world. Now offering private consultation and mentoring calls to answer all your questions and support you on your path.



A practical workshop for your team at your corporate office or venue of choice! Workshops include a brief introduction into the therapeutic benefits of crystal sound technology, followed by a live crystal sound bath/ hands-on demonstration.

Your team will benefit from the enhanced focus, inspiration and creativity that a sound bath promises. Motivation and productivity increase as balance and unison are restored in both brain hemispheres.

Workshops can also be tailored towards a specific collective intention such as increased harmony and better communication within the team, innovative thinking, performance improvement, etc.

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Thank you for being here! My calling and purpose is to help you regain clarity and inspire you through therapeutic sound vibrations to become the greatest expression of yourself. May these recordings and sessions help you effortlessly release everything that does not serve you so that the pure, aligned and clear inner being is awakened. Freedom, clarity, alignment, creativity and joy are your natural states.

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the original creative force

IN THe beginning there was sound.


Using meditative breath work and a set of ‘singing’ bowls to invoke the vibration of sharp, pure sound waves, we create a restorative space that allows your mind to relax with deep intensity so that dense emotions can be transmuted into a renewed state of being.

I use 9 crystal singing bowls to create melodic, soothing powerful sounds. His style is unique, flowing and elegant, lightly touching the bowls and weaving the tones into a beautiful and rich holographic sound experience. The resonance of the bowls is felt in the body and mind, making space for a new state of being.

The singing bowls are well acknowledged for their ability to dissolve negative thought patterns and emotions, transmuting them into harmony, ease, joy and gratitude — effortlessly.

I have been using crystal alchemy bowls, which — in contrast to more metallic-sounding Tibetan singing bowls, for example — produce the brightest, sharpest tones of all singing bowls available for sound therapy.

The result is an elegantly pure tone unlike anything else, and the depth of the resonating sound serves as the most efficient catalyst for graceful healing and consciousness-raising.



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“Lauri is a master in playing the crystal bowls, his playing to me comes straight from the heart and it can upgrade the vibe in a room very quickly. Besides, the sounds are beautiful to listen to, and bring harmony to the inner and outer atmosphere.”



“I have had the pleasure to participate in several sound baths conducted by Lauri. All were a visceral experiences. The sounds Lauri creates with his sacred bowls went through every cell in my entire body. Provoking that perfect meditative space: releasing tension and creating a profound sense of well-being. Generous, thoughtful and caring Lauri is a delight to work with.”



“I was struck by how beautiful the singing bowls were. It was incredibly relaxing and I recall feeling a sense of deep peace and tranquility after the session. Lauri was very professional and a pleasure to work with.”



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