Inspiring People with Soothing Sounds

Isn't it time you felt fulfilled and inspired by the work you do — and the way you live your life?




Hello! I'm Lauri Poldre and I work with ambitious tech professionals who want to make an impact in the world —while living a joyous, stress-free life!

I am a world-renowned crystal bowl sound artist, performer & speaker. I have had the pleasure of performing and presenting to thousands of people worldwide.

Today, I empower tech professionals who are ready to:

  • Leave their stress, overwhelm, and overthinking behind

  • Take their work to the next level, improve their productivity, up-level their creativity

  • Become more inspired by the world around them

  • Take time to do things that matter to them outside of work

  • Feel more purpose-driven, eager and optimistic about their future and the future of the collective

  • Try a new approach to mindfulness, consciousness-hacking, and achieving overall wellness

I believe it’s possible to be ambitious, make an impact in the world, and live joyfully — without the stress!

The therapeutic experience of crystal sounds bring your mind and body back into its natural state — optimal balance! You'll be able to work more strategically, discover creative breakthroughs, and jumpstart a new lifestyle of balance & optimal wellness.

I myself have worked in the tech industry for 15 years — until about 3 years ago. During my time in the industry, I went through several cycles of deep depression, anxiety, stress and mental breakdowns.

I decided I was going to find an easy and effortless method to not only reset the mind and restore my inspiration — but also allow me to live a more purposeful life.

I spent the next year researching and experimenting with various modalities, techniques and therapies to break through the persistent patterns of suffering in my life.

It was then that I stumbled upon crystal bowl sound technology.

I noticed how profoundly the bowl performances altered my audience's state of being. I was told of experiences of deep relaxation and profound mental clarity & insights. 

Today I am honored to share the powerful experience of the crystal bowls at retreats, festivals, tech conferences and offices worldwide.

The first time I came in contact with Lauri’s work was at a retreat. With his crystal bowls he created a beautiful auditory & vibrational platform that I simply loved syncing-up with. Arriving in the conference room ‘from outside’ it made shifting into a different state of being easier. I love experiencing how the benefits of his work are becoming more known to ‘regular’ companies. Especially in sectors where anxiety & stress are apparent he is able to offer much needed relaxation.
— Marcelle W
His shift from technical career to devote himself full time to sound therapy indicates his passion and resonance with his practice.
— Gail H