Stress Relief Workshop

July 03 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

WeWork, 7 Etage, Kufürstendamm 11


This workshop is helping to recharge and relieve stress. Lauri Poldre will talk and demonstrate 6 practices to quickly shift into a productive and creative state of mind.

He has been working in the high-tech for over 15 years and after years of stress and anxiety he started searching for efficient methods how to be productive, creative and happy while working in the tech world and having tough deadlines.

When we spend a big part of the day in the office and focus on tasks, projects and milestones then we are using our brain and it creates certain chemicals and brainwaves. When we do that long enough then we will feel depleted and out of balance.

This session will give you 6 pro tips how to see your professional life and work from a different aspect and start practicing daily to become more congruent, productive and creative. It will help you to regain clarity and peace of mind. We will end the evening with a crystal singing bowls sound immersion, to integrate the information received.

About Lauri

Lauri was born in Estonia and after completing MSc as Computer and Systems Engineer he spent the next 15 years in the high-tech, working with clients and partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Autodesk, NASA, Makerbot, General Electric, Nokia and others. In 2015 he started studying sound therapy, mindfulness and meditation and has spent the last 4 years extensively traveling around the world, speaking and performing at events about efficient methods to relieve stress and regain clarity. He is also speaking at Tech Open Air Berlin on July 4th.