Lauri Poldre

Official Biography

Lauri is an internationally recognized crystal singing bowl master from Estonia who has been sharing sound healing since 2014.

Growing up in a musical family— his father played the violin for the National Opera, and mother was a music teacher— Lauri was exposed to classical music from an early age, regularly attending all types of musical performances.

After completing an MSc in Computer and Systems Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology, he worked for 15 years as a Sales and Marketing Manager at hi-tech companies in Europe and the U.S. During that time he collaborated with companies such as Microsoft, NASA, Oracle, Cisco, General Electric, Nokia, MakerBot, and others. Despite great success and financial freedom, he began to sense that something was missing and that his life had to change on a very deep level. He moved to the Big Island of Hawaii for an extended break. There— supported by nature, pure fresh food, and solitude— he experienced a profound awakening; he realized his true purpose and passion.

He met several sound healers on the East and West coasts of the U.S. and acquired his first set of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Initially, he planned to use these as a personal tool for relaxation and reset, but as his music evolved he was increasingly invited to perform in public. He left his tech job to dedicate himself fully to exploring sound healing, working with mentors in California and Colorado who taught him techniques and secrets of the singing bowls. In 2016, the co-founders of Crystal Tones, the manufacturer of the bowls Lauri uses, officially accorded him the status of Bowl Master.

Today, after three years of exploring, studying, extensive traveling and performing for thousands of people around the world, Lauri is continuing to demonstrate to people by playing the crystal bowls that an enhanced state of being is available to anybody and can be evoked effortlessly. He is leading by example and guiding people to recognize their inner clarity which leads to a peace of mind and alignment with their true life path.

Lauri’s uniquely gentle, flowing, elegant and sensitive style of playing the crystal bowls has been recognized by experts in the arena of healing and coaching such as yoga teachers, retreat hosts, and conference organizers around the world. 

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