Modern companies are looking for innovative solutions to improve the working environment and create a space for enhanced productivity and harmonious communication. Health and mindfulness are becoming more important for improving the overall state of the collective. The effectiveness of the work relies largely on the state of being of the employees.

I am offering an interactive workshop based on my own experiences and holistic practices, to improve focus, communication and release stress, dysfunctional thought patterns and enhance the overall wellbeing of the team.


  • Improved focus

  • Increased productivity and creativity

  • Improved communication between colleagues and teams

  • Released stress and dysfunctional thought patterns

  • Enhanced attention to details

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Increased inner peace and calmness

Program options

  • Intro talk - 15 minutes to introduce and prepare your team for the experience for maximum benefit

  • Sound meditation - 10-30 minutes of deeply soothing and relaxing sounds experience with crystal bowls when lying down or sitting with eyes closed

  • Discussion - 15-30 minutes to integrate and follow up with practical tips and summary which may also include exercises