Article on Psychology Today.

New research and technologies highlight the healing power of music.


If you’ve been feeling down, stressed-out, or have experienced a traumatic event, it could be a good time to seek support from music. From sensory baths using low tech, crystal bowls to high tech, 3D immersive environments using state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment—the neuroscience of music is underscoring what we’ve known intuitively for centuries: music has the ability to reduce stress, expand creativity, treat depression, and help us heal from traumatic events. Neurologists have found that music activates the brain in unique ways.1,2 Most of the time we don’t think of turning to music / sound to deal with life’s ups & downs, or more serious conditions, but we can. We can create our own musical healing treatment or turn to professionals for guidance3. Digital technologies have made it easier than ever to engage in a variety of low-tech and high-tech options—or combine them for additional support.

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Lauri Poldre

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