concert for peace


I offer 60-minute artistic crystal sound bowl performances for conferences, retreats and festivals. My performances are suitable for audiences of any size.

The intention of my performances is to utilize the vibrations of the crystal bowls to induce a state of deep relaxation in participants — known as an Alpha/Theta brainwave state. These brainwave states promote optimal healing, restoration, and rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit.

Your event attendees will enjoy a unique and mesmerizing experience that goes beyond a musical performance — into a realm where vibrational symphonies of harmony and upliftment, soothe and empower your being. A crystal bowl sound session helps to purify and expand the energy bodies of the participants — setting the perfect tone for their experience of your event in totality.

To me, it always felt as if Lauri´s bowls opened some kind of gateway to higher realms. When being exposed to these heavenly frequencies, there is no need to meditate in order for your experience of yourself to change drastically. Just relax and let the sound take you on an unforgettable journey to uncharted territory within your consciousness... Highly recommended!
— Chris S