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Annual Retreats

Every year I host a retreat to provide tech professionals with the opportunity to experience a deeper immersion into crystal sound technology, complemented by numerous mindfulness and wellness practices. 

This annual retreat typically takes place in a remote venue, far from traffic noise and city bustle — where participants can easily unwind and rejuvenate on all levels.

Covered in the cost of attendance are accommodations, food and daily activities such as sound baths, meditation, movement practices, Q&A and more — all intended to assist you in clearing through any and all existent blockages... and emerging as the highest version of Yourself.

Stay tuned for the details of my next annual retreat — which will be posted here, on my blog and in my monthly email newsletter. 

Lauri’s sound healings are extremely nourishing, and drop me so deeply into relaxation that I have no sense of time or space. They bring me so much peace and stillness.
— Robyn G