Lauri’s skills and professionalism are a breath of fresh air. Lauri has not only the talent for what he does but also the passion and commitment to be of service and show up for the highest good.
Lauri is one of a few, a great being of light holding this divine wright. In deep wisdom he unfolds his frequency, his mission is great and fear has no chance. Make the opportunity to connect and move in with him in this sacred flow, I honor him with deep love as his undivided soul is instep with this grand plan of pure vibrational love.
—PAUL UTZ, Co-founder of Crystal Tones
It is said that music is the bridge between two states of consciousness. I would say the bowls do this but also they eliminate the electromagnetic disturbance created by our technology and reconnects us to the natural and VITAL impulse of the planet.
The first time I heard Lauri play the crystal bowls I was overwhelmed with the sensation of homecoming. It was as if the tones and vibrations I could hear internally all my life were suddenly made manifest for my physical ears to hear. The music transports you to a space of knowing who and what you were/are before the existence of space and time. Lauri successfully recreated with sound an expression of the infinity of our true nature.
His shift from technical career to devote himself full time to sound therapy indicates his passion and resonance with his practice.
Lauri is a master in playing the crystal bowls, his playing to me comes straight from the heart and it can upgrade the vibe in a room very quickly. Besides, the sounds are beautiful to listen to, and bring harmony to the inner and outer atmosphere.
My sound session with Lauri allowed me to ground myself during a difficult time in my life - it was like having 10 meditation sessions in one evening.
To me, it always felt as if Lauri´s bowls opened some kind of gateway to higher realms. When being exposed to these heavenly frequencies, there is no need to meditate in order for your experience of yourself to change drastically. Just relax and let the sound take you on an unforgettable journey to uncharted territory within your consciousness... Highly recommended!
Hearing Lauri play the crystal bowls is a magical experience. The clear tones he creates seem to calm the mind, allowing awareness to perceive itself with greater ease. I’ve experienced some wonderful meditations listening to Lauri play the crystal bowls. Highly recommended!
Lauri’s sound healings are extremely nourishing, and drop me so deeply into relaxation that I have no sense of time or space. They bring me so much peace and stillness.
The sound bath felt like a meditation session with the bowls acting in the background as a soothing guide to help facilitate relaxation or deeper dives into Self.
I was struck by how beautiful the singing bowls were. It was incredibly relaxing and I recall feeling a sense of deep peace and tranquility after the session. Lauri was very professional and a pleasure to work with.
I have had the pleasure to participate in several sound baths conducted by Lauri. All were a visceral experiences. The sounds Lauri creates with his sacred bowls went through every cell in my entire body. Provoking that perfect meditative space: releasing tension and creating a profound sense of well-being. Generous, thoughtful and caring Lauri is a delight to work with.
Watching Lauri play his bowls deepens the experience even more, as he seems to radiate silence, humbleness, crystal clear love and compassion, while performing.
Soft and gentle sounds penetrated deeply my body ... made me calm and surrender into the experience and I felt a very subtle vibration through my whole body. Afterwards I felt very light and there was this feeling of ease and inner joy.
Lauri’s sound healing provides a tranquil and soothing experience. The sound vibrations harmonize the mind & body, and his passion while playing evokes a peaceful atmosphere of deep relaxation.
Lauri’s bowl playing brought me to a new state of awareness. The sounds of the bowls seemed to vibrate with every cell in my body. Felt clean and healed afterwards. Highly recommended if you have the privilege to experience Lauri’s amazingly beautiful gift.
The first time I came in contact with Lauri’s work was at a Bentinho Massaro retreat in the Netherlands. With his crystal bowls he created a beautiful auditory & vibrational platform that I simply loved syncing-up with. Arriving in the conference room ‘from outside’ it made shifting into a different state of being easier. I love experiencing how the benefits of his work are becoming more known to ‘regular’ companies. Especially in sectors where anxiety & stress are apparent he is able to offer much needed relaxation.
Lauri has the depth of a thousand oceans and he can access that broad and deep skill set on-demand.
Lauri is a very exceptional person with exceptional gifts that have the power to uplift every event he is invited to.
Almost instantly transported me to a higher level. The skill involved in singing the bowls so precisely and consistently is one I aspire to achieve some day as I continue my own practice. This track is hypnotic, calming, opening, and one I am bookmarking and downloading for future sessions. Thank you for sharing this with me and the world.
The bowls felt like they were vibrating my inner core. Thank you!
This is a tremendous sound healing. My favorite recording of bowls I’ve heard.
Lauri Poldre