One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes.
— Dr. Mitchell Gaynor
Lauri Poldre


I offer 60-minute artistic crystal sound bowl performances for conferences, retreats and festivals. My performances are suitable for audiences of any size.

The intention of my performances is to utilize the vibrations of the crystal bowls to induce a state of deep relaxation in participants — known as an Alpha/Theta brainwave state. These brainwave states promote optimal healing, restoration, and rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit.

Your event attendees will enjoy a unique and mesmerizing experience that goes beyond a musical performance — into a realm where vibrational symphonies of harmony and upliftment, soothe and empower your being. A crystal bowl sound session helps to purify and expand the energy bodies of the participants — setting the perfect tone for their experience of your event in totality.

To me, it always felt as if Lauri´s bowls opened some kind of gateway to higher realms. When being exposed to these heavenly frequencies, there is no need to meditate in order for your experience of yourself to change drastically. Just relax and let the sound take you on an unforgettable journey to uncharted territory within your consciousness... Highly recommended!
— Chris S


Lauri Poldre crystal singing bowls

In addition to performances and healings, I offer 60-minute practical workshops for your team, at your corporate office or venue of choice. 

Workshops begin with an introduction to the therapeutic properties of sound. A 30-45 minute crystal sound performance follows.

During this performance (also termed “sound bath”), your team will be invited to lay on yoga mats with their eyes closed. I will gently lead them into a state of deep relaxation, as the restorative tones and harmonies of the bowls wash over them.

The therapeutic sounds of a sound bath are known to induce Alpha and Theta brainwave states in participants. These brainwave states promote coherence in both brain and body — resulting in profound regenerative and healing effects on all levels! Psychological and emotional stress dissolve as an ocean of lush overtones and harmonizing vibrations fills the space. 

Your team will benefit from the enhanced focus, inspiration and creativity that a sound bath promises. Motivation and productivity increase as balance and unision are restored in both brain hemispheres. 

Workshops can also be tailored towards a specific collective intention such as increased harmony and better communication within the team, innovative thinking, performance improvement, etc.

Hearing Lauri play the crystal bowls is a magical experience. The clear tones he creates seem to calm the mind, allowing awareness to perceive itself with greater ease. I’ve experienced some wonderful meditations listening to Lauri play the crystal bowls. Highly recommended!
— Lisa R
Lauri Poldre

Annual Retreats

Every year I host a retreat to provide tech professionals with the opportunity to experience a deeper immersion into crystal sound technology, complemented by numerous mindfulness and wellness practices. 

This annual retreat typically takes place in a remote venue, far from traffic noise and city bustle — where participants can easily unwind and rejuvenate on all levels.

Covered in the cost of attendance are accommodations, food and daily activities such as sound baths, meditation, movement practices, Q&A and more — all intended to assist you in clearing through any and all existent blockages... and emerging as the highest version of Yourself.

Stay tuned for the details of my next annual retreat — which will be posted here, on my blog and in my monthly email newsletter. 

Lauri’s sound healings are extremely nourishing, and drop me so deeply into relaxation that I have no sense of time or space. They bring me so much peace and stillness.
— Robyn G