In addition to performances and healings, I offer 60-minute practical workshops for your team, at your corporate office or venue of choice. 

Workshops begin with an introduction to the therapeutic properties of sound. A 30-45 minute crystal sound performance follows.

During this performance (also termed “sound bath”), your team will be invited to lay on yoga mats with their eyes closed. I will gently lead them into a state of deep relaxation, as the restorative tones and harmonies of the bowls wash over them.

The therapeutic sounds of a sound bath are known to induce Alpha and Theta brainwave states in participants. These brainwave states promote coherence in both brain and body — resulting in profound regenerative and healing effects on all levels! Psychological and emotional stress dissolve as an ocean of lush overtones and harmonizing vibrations fills the space. 

Your team will benefit from the enhanced focus, inspiration and creativity that a sound bath promises. Motivation and productivity increase as balance and unision are restored in both brain hemispheres. 

Workshops can also be tailored towards a specific collective intention such as increased harmony and better communication within the team, innovative thinking, performance improvement, etc.